Incoming call glitch hits iPhone X

Incoming calls glitch hits iPhone X

Apple has launched an investigation into reports of an incoming calls glitch iPhone X users say is affecting their phones this week.

People who own the £999 flagship iOS device have been posting on customer forums to report problems receiving incoming calls to their handset.

Forums on the Apple website are awash with descriptions of problems receiving calls to the iPhone X.

Most report finding problems around delays picking up calls, or the phone appearing to ignore incoming calls, or locking up and not allowing users to swipe to answer incoming callers.

One iPhone X owner writes: “I have been using iPhone X since 1 month and facing an issue of incoming call delay. The screen displays after 10-15 seconds where as it keeps on ringing. I am using the latest update and have done all the possible things. Kindly let me know if i need to change my iphone or is it a software problem.”

A second reports how the iPhone X reverts to a black screen similar to the lock screen when a call is coming in to the phone, and he is unable to ‘wake’ the phone up to recognise the call.

Some users do report that resetting their iPhone X seems to solve the problem, albeit only for a short time before the incoming call black screen issue starts up again.

Customers are being urged to share their experiences on the Apple Support Forums to help other phone owners find a solution.

Apple, for its part, is reportedly working to find a solution to the latest bug but as of Monday 5 February had no patch or update readily in place.

Battery, Face ID bugs bite back

The incoming call glitch is just the latest in a series of problems to hit the iPhone X.

Some teething issues are always expected with the launch of a new device but Apple seem to have been hit harder and faster than any other.

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When problems surfaced with Apple’s Face ID facial recognition technology, the company was forced to admit that the tech would probably not work for teenagers.

And news that replacing the screen of an iPhone X could cost a staggering £286 dampened sales.

While Apple sold 1% fewer iPhones than in the last financial year – still 77 million – revenues were up because of the increased basic price of the iPhone X.


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