Vodafone SIM Only deals: 8GB for £18, 12 months free Spotify, NowTV, Sky

Vodafone SIM Only deals: 8GB for £18, 12 months free Spotify, NowTV, Sky

Wednesday, 3 January, 2018

12 months of the best playlists in the world? Sound good? How about getting a year’s pass free to Sky Sports, Spotify Premium or NowTV with an 8GB Vodafone SIM Only deal?

It’s a little bonus worth £120 to any die-hard music, sports or TV lover.

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Vodafone SIM Only deals are fewer and farther between than you might expect for the UK’s third-biggest mobile network.

So the January 2018 sales are a great time to act if Vodafone has the best coverage near you.

At £18 a month you’re already saving £10 a month on Vodafone’s standard list price.

Along with your 8GB of 4G data every month, for this you get

  • Unlimited texts
  • Unlimited calls

Choice of free 12 month reward

Now TV Entertainment Pass

Channels: Sky One, Sky Atlantic, Sky Living, Comedy Central, Fox, MTV, Viceland, Challenge, Discovery, ABC, Pick, SyFy, Nat Geo Wild, Sky Arts, Fox.

Watch: Rick and Morty, The Walking Dead, The Flash, Blindspot, Modern Family, Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Sky Sports Mobile TV Pack 1

Unlimited access: Sky Sports Premier League, Sky Sports Action, Sky Sports Arena, Sky Sports News and Sky News on your mobile.

Spotify Premium

Features: Listen to anything you want with no restrictions, removes all adverts from your Spotify session, allows you to download and sync over 3,000 music tracks across three devices, listen in upgraded 320kbps sound quality.

Just note: when you go through to checkout on the Vodafone website, you won’t see the option to pick your 12-month free reward.

See Deal: Red Entertainment 8GB deal for £18 a month

Vodafone SIM Only deals: Now £10 cheaper, 12 months free Spotify, NowTV, Sky

As in the picture here, you’ll see your checkout basket, and the option to add Vodafone Passes to your SIM Only deal.

But there’s no information on your checkout page about getting Spotify, NowTV or Sky Sports free.

These Passes could add anything from £5 to £12 a month to your £18 8GB SIM deal, so be careful to choose if you want to skip them entirely.

Just to be sure we’ve checked the details with Vodafone Customer Services.

They say when your new SIM is activated, THEN you’ll get a text message prompting you to pick your 12 month reward.

How to activate your reward

When you buy the Red Entertainment plan, you’ll get a text message asking you to choose a NOW TV Entertainment Pass, Spotify Premium or Sky Sports Mobile TV. Alternatively, text Entertainment to 97613 to receive this message now.

Tap the link to choose your entertainment provider and follow the instructions. Note: You can’t change your choice of inclusive content for the duration of the inclusive period.

Finally, make sure you’ve downloaded the relevant app for free. You’ll receive a confirmation text once your entertainment has been added to your account.

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