Mega O2 data deals up: 25GB for £25, 50GB for £30

Mega O2 data deals: 15GB for £20, 50GB for £30

Monday, 2 April, 2018

O2 has hit the reset button on its SIM Only deals adding huge chunks of data and minutes to its 12 month offers.

Bringing back the basics, O2 is focusing on big data deals at reasonable prices. Cheeky added extras are included in the bundle.

Unlimited and more

You’ll get unlimited minutes and texts with every O2 SIM Only deal, so you’ll never run out of time to talk.

All of these deals are available on 12 month contracts. If you need the flexibility of a 30-day offer, then look at the rest of today’s top deals. But there’s brilliant bang for buck here.

As a new O2 customer you get exclusive access to O2 Priority Offers for the latest gig tickets, events and sales.

If you want to conserve that precious data for streaming music and Netflix, why spend it all? There’s free O2 WiFi whenever you’re out and about.

Find out your nearest O2 WiFi hotspot here. It’s 10 times faster than standard mobile data speeds and you can use as much as you like.

When you buy a SIM from O2 you’ll connect automatically to one of 7,000 hotspots in town centres, shops and train stations across the UK.

Save £9 a month on 15GB

Down from £29 to £20 a month, O2’s 15GB a month offer will suit the hardcore streamers and the always-on fanatics.

    Save £20 on 50GB

    The ultimate plan for data-addicts: if you can’t get enough then this will go a long way to satisying your streaming cravings.

    Boxset after boxset and album after album will fall by the wayside as you attempt to use 50GB of data in just 30 days.

    Right now the price is right: dropping from £50 to a much-more suitable £30 a month.

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