BT SIM Only Deals Easter

Easter BT SIM Only deal: £70 free up to 25GB

Thursday, 29 March, 2018

If you’re in the market for a BT SIM Only deal then now’s the time to strike.

For their 2018 Easter sale BT are effectively offering free cash in the form of a prepaid Mastercard Reward Card that you can spend anywhere you like.

Until midnight on 5 April you can get yourself a healthy free card worth up to £70 when you take out a BT SIM Only deal.

BT SIMs piggback on EE for voice calls and 4G data, so you’ll be happy you’re in the hands of the fastest UK network.

BT SIM Only deals work on a 12 month contract, so they’re not as flexible as some of the best 30-day deals we’ve got.

However, the pricing is straightforward and there’s big discounts to be had if you’re already a BT Broadband customer.

How to claim and spend your BT Reward Card

  1. Order and sign up to a new BT SIM Only deal.
  2. Once your SIM is up and running, log in to the BT My Rewards page to activate your card.
  3. You have three months to claim.
  4. Once claimed, your reward will be sent to the same address where your signed up from. It should arrive within 20 days of you starting your claim.
  5. They are Mastercards which come pre-loaded with money. You can spend up to your limit anywhere that accepts Mastercards (that’s pretty much everywhere), including online.
  6. There are a few exceptions: they can’t be used to pay for gambling and they can’t be used overseas, or to get cash out of an ATM.
  7. You can’t add extra money to your Reward Card – once they money’s gone, it’s gone forever

£30 reward for 500MB

The cheapest deal in the list is BT’s entry-level 500MB data deal, that comes with unlimited minutes and unlimited texts.

You’ll get a £30 Reward Card when you sign up, and you can spend it online or in high street shops.

    £50 reward for 5GB

    If you need more data you can plump for the mid-priced £17 a month deal which offers 5GB of data every month.

    You get to keep unlimited minutes and texts but there’s more leeway for reading the news, streaming Netflix, Youtube and Spotify.

    You’ll also get an upgraded £50 Reward Card for your trouble.

      £70 reward for 20GB/25GB

      The industry regulator Ofcom reckons the average person only uses 1.9GB of data every month, when you take into account people using free WiFi.

      Still, if you can’t do without your streaming addiction then you’ll want to look at BT’s 20GB a month deal for £25 a month, reduced from £27 a month.

      As with any other BT SIM Only deal, you get unlimited calls and unlimited texts included.

      There’s also the supercharged 25GB a month deal for seriously heavy data users, at £32 a month.

      This is BT’s ultimate data deal, probably more than it’s possible to use in 30 days unless you’re streaming from the moment you wake to the moment you sleep.

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