Three roaming charges scrapped but not everyone ge

Three roaming charges scrapped but some networks still wrong

Three roaming charges have been dropped in 11 more countries, mainly in South America, as the mobile network looks to save cash for its international customers.

In 2017 the average traveller or holidaymaker used 750MB of roaming data per trip, with the most data used on checking Facebook, Instagram, and sending messages through WhatsApp.

Three says that a whopping 4.6 million Brits took advantage of their Feel At Home service this year.

Now winter sun spots Costa Rica, Chile and Colombia are among 11 destinations to be added to the free roaming list. It takes the total number of countries Three offers the service in to 71.

Not gone SIM Only? EE, Three, O2 contracts overcharge £38 a month

Less well-known destinations that Three has dropped roaming charges in include El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Uruguay, Vietnam and the tiny Indian Ocean archipelago of Mayotte.

All four UK mobile networks: EE, Three, O2 and Vodafone were forced to end roaming charges in June 2017.

The ban on charges came direct from the European Parliament.

Not every network got it right straight away. O2 admitted to throttling data of roaming customers on 3G and 4G, something it is certainly not allowed to do without telling people.

Mobile download speeds on O2 dropped from an average of 8Mbps to a measly 0.5Mbps while the restrictions were in place.

And the owner of iD Mobile, Carphone Warehouse, was forced to issue an official apology for continuing to charge customers for roaming long after the ban came into force.


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