Roaming in Europe will now be free, say EU

Roaming in Europe will now be free, say EU

From 15 June 2017, using your mobile in Europe will no longer incur a roaming charge.

Using your phone abroad for calls, texts or internet currently means paying an extra fee to foreign networks, which appears on your next phone bill.

But the European Parliament has voted to enforce a rule that says using your phone while in the EU should cost you the same as it does at home.

Roaming charges can be deceptively expensive due to the different costs of running mobile networks in different countries.

A SIM-only contract with 1GB of data allowance can cost as little as £5 a month in the UK, while the same contract could cost as much as £50 a month in Hungary.

Roaming charges are designed to reflect these differences.

Typical roaming charges are currently around 4p a minute to make calls, 1p a minute to receive calls, 1.6p to send a text and 4p per MB of data.

New EU legislation will put an end to roaming charges altogether.

Prices are expected to fall from €6 per GB of data from 2018 to €2.5 by 2022.

However, there are some limits to this.

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