Five Things to Check Before Switching SIMs

Top 5 things to check before you switch SIMs

When you are changing from one SIM Only plan to another, switching SIMs is incredibly easy.

But the process starts long before you remove your old SIM and put in your new one.

Here is our guide to the five things you must check before switching your SIM Only contract.

1. Check your bills

This isn’t only important to ensure that the deal you are moving onto is better value for money than the one you are leaving, it’s also to check that the minutes, texts, and data allowance is enough for you.

For many, the same data that they currently get is what they look for in their next deal, but this isn’t always the right choice.

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Many customers do not always notice when they go over their allowances and incur a small charge, but those charges can mount up in a hurry.

Ensure you check through all your bills and your data and minute usage, to ensure that the amount you are signing up to is comfortably enough for you.

2. Keep your phone number?

One of the most important things to many customers is the ability to keep their old number when they switch SIM.

With so much to remember in day-to-day life, once you’ve memorised one 11-digit phone number, it’s often preferable to keep that one for as long as possible.

Every SIM Only deal will give you the option to keep your number, even if you are switching from one provider to another, but it’s important to know what you have to do to accomplish this.

Changing, or porting your mobile number is a pretty simple practice, all you need is the PAC code from your old phone provider, if you pass this onto your new phone provider, they will be able to switch the number over for you.

This is a lot less hassle than giving all of your friends, family, doctors surgery, bank, and everyone else in your life your new number.

3. Transfer your data

The only part of your old SIM more important than the phone number, is the information stored on it.

Be sure to find out what photos, contacts and other important files are stored on your SIM and transfer them onto the phone memory before switching, this means that you will not lose any information when you make the switch to a cheaper SIM Only deal.

4. Is the phone unlocked?

Many have fallen victim to this mistake over the years and it can cause short-term complications that all of us would rather live without.

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If your phone came with the sim you have, then it is very possible that the phone is locked to one provider, meaning that a SIM card from another provider will not work in your phone.

All phones can be unlocked, but this can be a costly and time-consuming practice as your phone will normally have to be sent off to either your new or old provider and may be gone for several weeks.

Find out if your phone is unlocked, and if it isn’t, consider the difference in price between contracts when you factor in the cost (to both your wallet and your time) of unlocking your phone.

5. Keep hold of your old SIM

When you switch SIMs, it’s advisable to store your old SIM in a safe place, just in case there is any information you have forgotten to transfer, or any other urgent need to use it.

There’s nothing more annoying than getting rid of an old SIM before realising you actually needed something from it.

Switching SIMs is getting easier as technology continues to evolve, and there’s less to worry about these days, as long as you follow these five steps, then your switch should be simple and stress-free, and you’ll be able to get on with enjoying your new deal.

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