The best SIM Only data deals in March 2018

The best SIM Only data deals in March 2018

Friday, 9 March, 2018

Here’s the latest list of the best SIM Only data deals in March 2018.

Wherever you look there are adverts offering you the newest smartphone as part of a contract – but you’ll pay over the odds for months or even years.

When you already have a phone you are happy to use and you are looking for the best possible SIM Only deal, you get the added bonus of a 30-day rolling deal allowing you the ultimate flexibility to switch away when you find a better deal.

Help: How to get out of a 30-day rolling SIM Only deal

When there is no phone included, the monthly data on offer becomes far more important: there is no shiny new device to distract you from getting the best possible deal.

Keep in mind

If you don’t use a large amount of data, then you may well be able to find a package with a lower data limit that cuts out unneccessary costs.

If you are not sure how much data you use, keep in mind that the average data use is 1.9GB a month, so if you use your phone data less often than most people you know, you’re probably okay sticking under 2GB.

It also depends on what you use your phone for.

Watching videos on YouTube will burn through your data six times faster than anything else on average.

The final thing to keep an eye out for is which of the Big Four mobile networks your next SIM uses.

An MNVO is a virtual network that essentially piggybacks of one of the four major networks in the UK, namely EE, O2, Three, and Vodafone.

We will mark the MNVO next to each deal below.

iD Mobile has UK's cheapest SIM Only deal 1

£5 for 2.25GB a month – ID Mobile (O2)

When it comes to value for money in the low ranges, nothing can even come close to ID Mobile.

You will not find anything in the region of 2.25GB a month from any other £5 deal.

The one major downside to this deal is that it only includes 250 minutes of calls per month, so if you use your phone to call people more than you use the data, this package may not work for you.

If, however, you make limited calls, and mainly use your mobile device for streaming from sites like YouTube and Spotify, then for £5 a month, this deal could be very useful to you.

    The best SIM Only data deals in March 2018 4

    £8 for 4GB a month – Lebara (Vodafone)

    If you’re willing to go a few quid higher then you could find yourself with a lot more benefits.

    This plan from Lebara not only offers almost double the data of ID Mobile’s deal.

    It also includes unlimited calls, so you don’t have to choose between decent data and calls.

    There are only 100 texts included at this price, but the data deal will comfortably allow you to use Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp to your heart’s content.

    On the downside, the £8 price tag is a short-term one, and the price will rise to £13 after three months.

    However, Lebara offer 30-day rolling contracts, so if you are canny and keep your eye on the latest deals, you can switch to something cheaper before the price goes up.

      The best SIM Only data deals in March 2018 5

      £10 for 3GB a month – Giffgaff (O2)

      If you’re looking for a name that carries more gravitas with it, then Giffgaff is certainly higher profile than either ID Mobile or Lebara.

      Granted, there is less on offer on the surface here, but with rolling contracts and a price that will never deviate from £10 a month, this is a stable contract to have while you look for something better.

      You may also learn why many other people choose to stay with Giffgaff.

      Their famed customer service includes well-used community support forums, and a proven track record of acting on improvements suggested by GiffGaff users.

      If you’re looking for a reliable service that makes you feel looked after, you could do a lot worse.

      • GiffGaff UL/UL/3GB
        GiffGaff sim card
        Contract 30 days (rolling)
        Mins UL unlimited
        Texts UL unlimited
        Data 3GB /month
        • Free Calls to GiffGaff numbers
        • Free Texts to GiffGaff numbers
        • Award Winning Provider
        GiffGaff Standard/Micro/Nano SIM
        • Internationalno information
        • Wifi Hotspotsno information
        • Tethering Allowed Use your Allowance for tethering
        • Roaming CostsEU Roam Like Home

      The best SIM Only data deals in March 2018 3

      £12 for 6GB a Month – Virgin (EE)

      If you prioritise the amount of data you receive over all else, then this deal from Virgin is what you’ve been waiting for.

      For a third of the price of an average contract, Virgin give you a substantial lump of data every month.

      You’ll have to stick around for longer because of the 12 month contract length, but it’s worth considering if you don’t want to bother searching for new deals every month.

      There’s also 2,500 minutes of calls to play with, alongside unlimited texts.

      Piggybacking off EE is a huge assistance for Android users as well.

      EE has decimated the competition to supply the fastest UK mobile data speeds for Android phones.

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