Back to the future with the new Nokia 3310 3G 1

Snake! Back to the future with the Nokia 3310 3G

Forget the iPhone X, the most eagerly anticipated phone this year is the rebirth of the much-loved classic Nokia 3310 3G which is available to buy online now.

Both Vodafone and Carphone Warehouse had already declared they will be selling it and it is welcome news that O2 now joins them.

The original 3310 was one of the most iconic phones of all time, thanks to its design, durability, battery life and, of course the fiendishly simple and addictive game Snake, beloved of so many teenagers.

So far, observers expect that the Nokia 3310 3G will retail at around £40, which in anybody’s estimate is great value.

Back to the future with the new Nokia 3310 3G 2

The new-look classic was launched at the Mobile World Congress technology showcase in February, where it stole the show and was pitched as a useful second phone for holidays or festivals.

While there’s no access to WhatsApp or Instagram, with an Opera Mini browser you’ll be able to surf the web despite the limited 2.5G or 3G connection.

The battery is removable as with the original, but the upgraded model lets you recharge from a micro USB port.

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The 3310 has been given a fresh but familiar look with a slimmer design weighing significantly less than the original.

And Nokia have added back a few popular features that other manufacturers have sacrificed in the push for bigger screens and less-cluttered design.

What you get with Nokia 3310 3G

  • FM radio and MP3 player
  • 64MB storage, expandable to 32GB with Micro SD
  • Headphone jack
  • Integrated 2.1 Bluetooth

The curved screen is just 2.4in across so you can actually hold your phone in one hand, instead of struggling with a giant tablet you’ll drop more often than not.

It’s now available in shades of reds and yellow as well as the iconic grey and blue matte colour schemes.

Nokia has also included a basic 2MP camera and LED flash on the back.

It runs the straightforward Nokia Series 30+ software. It’s easy to navigate, once you’ve reacquainted yourself with the novelty of using physical phone keys.

What has been most impressive about the updated classic is the extent of its battery life. The original was pretty outstanding but the new 3310 puts it in the shade.

It will offer a substantial 22 hours of talk time off a single charge, a tenfold improvement and will keep running for 31 days in standby mode.


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