What are the most useful new apps?

What are the most useful new apps?

Last week, the faintly terrifying Zao app was launched in China, and promptly went viral.

Zao is a deepfake program that lets users paste their own face over the face of a celebrity, using just a snapshot – and it’s incredibly convincing.

So convincing, in fact, there’s now a waiting list to register new accounts.

It’s no surprise that Zao has caused all sorts of online debates about privacy and image rights.

But even if you don’t want to spend time watching yourself as Leonardo di Caprio in Romeo and Juliet, its success prompts another question.

Are you missing out on other new apps, including some that could make your life easier?

If you think it’s time your data allowance was put to more practical use, read on…

Your place in the cloud

Cloud storage is a great way to save space on your devices so they work more efficiently, and gain access to files from any location.

Cloud storage can also reduce stress and make you more productive because it’s a handy place to store reminders, alerts and information.

If you can sync it to all of your devices and other apps, even better.

Among the best-known cloud storage apps are Apple iCloud, Google Drive and Dropbox, but there are some new apps you might like to consider.

Mega is free, and it provides a massive 50GB of storage with free accounts, while providing end-to-end encryption for all data.

If you take security very seriously you could also consider Tresorit, which only provides 1GB free of charge but offers some superb security features.

Of course, every streamlined life needs a calendar, and you probably have one on your phone. But is there something better among the new apps available now?

Any.do is available for Android and Apple phones and its combination of colour-coding and reminders make it ideal for anyone who needs help to stay organised.

Meanwhile Cozi is a calendar app and more. It lets you consolidate multiple schedules, to-do lists and all the minutiae involved in running a family or group.

Cozi is available for iOS, Android and web and worth a look if you need to organise several people.

Get moving

Everyone knows about Uber, but what if you’re the one doing the driving?

Although it’s owned by Google and consquently ought to be well-known, sat-nav/traffic app Waze has flown under the radar for some time.

It uses crowdsourcing to provide real-time info and suggest routes.

Other sat-nav and mapping options that cover UK roads areTomTom GO and CoPilot, both offering subscriptions for less than £20 a year.

And if you’re on the move in order to exercise rather than to travel, there’s an app for that too.

Streaks Workout logs your exercise history and links to Apple Health, as well as other Apple devices.

If you need to enliven your exercise routine, Zombies, Run! is among the new apps available for Android.

It progressively unlocks a storyline as you run and you can even play augmented reality games as you go.

Of course, after all of that scheduling, travelling and exercising, even the most organised among us needs some downtime.

There are lots of relaxation and meditation apps around, like Calm, Headspace and Meditation, and Relaxation Pro.

After all, smartphones can be contributors to anxiety and mental health conditions, as well as offering potential solutions to these issues…

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