Tips for quickly adding charge to your phone battery

Tips for quickly adding charge to your phone battery

It’s a common scenario. Just before leaving the house, you notice a red battery symbol in the corner of your smartphone screen.

Disaster! It’s down to ten per cent! Suddenly, a nightmarish future unspools before your eyes – one involving incidents you can’t report, or urgent messages you can’t receive.

Of course, such anxieties are simply a manifestation of the modern addiction to smartphones. The word nomophobia was created to describe this fear of being without a handset.

However, nobody would dispute that a flat phone battery causes inconvenience in all sorts of minor ways.

You might not be able to check live travel information, tell people you’re running late, check into an event with an e-ticket, or simply while away free time.

Fortunately, it’s easy to quickly add charge to a phone battery, giving it an extra burst of energy for whatever activities await.

Below, we’ve suggested ten ways to turn that red rectangle green at short notice.

Ten ways to quickly add charge to a phone battery

  1. Invest in the most powerful plug adaptor your handset supports. Phones can be charged at different rates depending on the adaptor, so look for 45W wall chargers or higher.
  2. Invest in a Qi-compatible charging mat. These can deliver up to 15W, though some devices top out at 10W. Still, it’s often more convenient than a plug adaptor.
  3. Turn off Bluetooth. Devices are constantly seeking Bluetooth hardware to connect to. This unnecessarily uses up remaining battery power and also incoming charge.
  4. Deactivate WiFi. The distribution and receipt of wireless signals is a huge battery drain. Dropping onto 4G/5G during charging accelerates the rate of battery replenishment.
  5. Avoid parasitic loads. This is the term for using a device while charging, and it stops much of the mains power reaching the battery. Keep the phone on standby instead.
  6. Reduce screen brightness. If you need to use the device while charging, lower display brightness to 30 per cent, ensuring more mains power goes to the battery than the screen.
  7. Engage Airplane mode. Another easy way to quickly add charge to a phone battery is to disable cellular connectivity, reducing the functions being undertaken while it’s on.
  8. Keep the handset cool. Heat requires cooling, which drains the battery. Keep the phone away from radiators, direct sunlight, hot water or cooking equipment.
  9. Turn the device off if charging for more than a few minutes. The energy taken to power down and restart will be outweighed by the energy saved by it not running at all.
  10. Charge on the move if possible. Public transport often has USB ports, wireless charging may be found in cars, and public buildings may support plug-in charging for mobile devices.
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