Sky Mobile beefs up data deals

Sky Mobile beefs up 10GB data deals

Thursday, 14 September, 2017

Sky Mobile is upgrading its SIM Only data plans with a new 10GB plan available from 15 September 2017 for £20 per month.

Sky is also cutting the cost of its 5GB plan by £5 to £15 per month.

The changes are designed to give Sky Mobile customers more data at no extra cost.

The new plans and prices will be also available to customers on all phones with Sky’s contract deals, Swap12 and Swap24.

Swap12 allows customers to get the latest model every year, while Swap24 offers Sky Mobile’s lowest monthly price on bestselling phones from Apple, Samsung and Sony.

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Sky Mobile bonuses

Each month any unused data is automatically rolled over into a Sky Piggybank and saved for up to three years for customers to dip into whenever they like.

If you suddenly get into a particular boxset that you have to stream to your phone, or end up using far more calls than you thought, you can switch up your SIM Only deal with Sky. Either pay as you go or for an extra £10 a month you get unlimited calls and texts bolted on.

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