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Plusnet deals: 4GB SIM cut to £9 2

Plusnet deals: 4GB SIM cut to £9

Sunday, 17 September, 2017

Plusnet deals ahoy! The Yorkshire lot have started a new £9 SIM Only tariff for customers with 4GB of data and 2000 minutes every month.

It slots into Plusnet’s line up of cheap 4G SIMs for anyone thinking of keeping their phone and drastically slashing their monthly bills.

The deal offers 4GB of unlimited data with no speed caps, 2000 minutes of inclusive calls and unlimited texts.

Is it 4G?

Plusnet use the EE network for calls and data and EE are the UK’s biggest 4G network, so you’re going to get fast 4G pretty much anywhere in the country.

Check your signal and data coverage with Ofcom’s handy app on our sister site to see if EE 4G is available in your area.

The best £9/month deals

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This Plusnet SIM comes with a 30-day rolling contract so you get all that lovely flexibility you’re looking for when you finally throw off the shackles of a long-term, overpriced contract.

And it is perhaps a recognition of the 2017 SIM Only market that providers are bumping up data limits even at the lowest prices.

It’s the only 30-day deal for around this price with 4GB of data and tethering included.

Most of the rest of the deals in this price bracket either offer less data or don’t allow you to use the data in this SIM to tether your laptop or tablet to the internet.

The Plusnet deal closes at midnight on Wednesday 27 September.

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