Vodafone lost 170,000 customers this year already

Vodafone lost 170,000 customers this year already

The latest financial reports reveal Vodafone has lost 2.7 percent of its business in the last three months, with their revenue dropping to £1.6 billion.

Vodafone is one of the ‘big four’ UK mobile network operators (MNOs), and is responsible for building and maintaining the infrastructure used by many smaller mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs).

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Vodafone blames its recent losses over the decision to scale down its MVNO, Talk Mobile, which stopped selling contracts and Pay-as-you-go SIMs in April 2017.

Although Vodafone are losing customers, this news actually marks an improvement for the network.

In the previous quarter, Vodafone lost 4.8 percent of their revenue. With these losses dropping to 2.7 percent, they have at least managed to slow the bleeding.

Vodafone Group CEO, Vittorio Colao, credited this improvement to “a good start to the year in Europe, where our commercial momentum remains robust.”

In the UK, however, Vodafone is not doing well.

An Ofcom report published in June 2017 shamed the network for having the worst customer service in the country, with more than double the complaints of any other network.

Ofcom has previously fined Vodafone £4.6 million for “mis-selling, inaccurate billing and poor complaints handling procedures”.

It appears that many Vodafone customers have had enough of poor customer service and are taking their business elsewhere.

However, the network may be able to find long-term success in the UK home broadband market instead.

According to Vittorio Colao: “We are gaining profitable market share in broadband, and a growing proportion of our customers now take our fully converged offers.”

Merging mobile and broadband into ‘multi-play’ packages is a good way to keep customers locked into several contracts at once by providing significant savings and bonuses – as long as both mobile and broadband services are combined.

Unfortunately, it is hard to ignore the possibility that in taking this road, Vodafone will end up doubling-down on their complaints figures instead.


Samuel Newman is a consumer journalist and blogger based in Sheffield.
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