Vodafone is king of ping for smartphones

Vodafone is king of ping for smartphones

In welcome news for Vodafone, it has come top in ping rates across three UK cities. According to cyber research group Tutela’s latest crowdsourced network survey for May, Vodafone came narrowly ahead of all other providers for packet trip time on LTE.

Behind every device connected to the internet there is an underlying network, which dictates the route data packets travel. Tutela, with a 250,000-sample base, measured the time required for a signal pulse or ‘ping’ to travel from a specific source to a specific destination and back again.

Tutela tested each operator and found that Vodafone scored the most satisfactory ping rate, the shortest round-trip time for a packet.

EE continues to deliver vastly superior data download rates with its advantages through scale and spectrum. And O2 is lagging far behind all the other providers. Although Tutela conceded O2 had seen an increase since it turned on its new spectrum.

EE is killing it. EE is always the best or tied or second by a small margin, but overall, we saw Vodafone as the best network in London, Manchester and Birmingham. In rural areas though EE is miles ahead.

- Tom Luke: VP, Tutela

Three years ago, Vodafone announced it would prioritise reliability over speed with its LTE rollout. But due to some astute investments it is now catching up to EE by a number of data performance metrics.

For instance, Tutela found that Vodafone is now second to EE in their 2MB file download and 1MB upload tests. In particular, Tutela said London had benefitted from the noticeable improvement in Vodafone’s performance.

Regionally, Three recorded the best of the big four for latency jitter and packet loss in Scotland, while Vodafone recorded a considerable lead in Wales. Jitter refers to delays to the amount of time it takes a bit to be transmitted from source to destination.

This is welcome news. Both Vodafone and EE have suffered from poor customer service issues. In 2016, Vodafone was fined by Ofcom for failing to provide pay-as-you-go customers a services and poor complaints resolution while EE was fined a year later for similar complaints.

Then in January this year, Vodafone had the unenviable title of the most complained about mobile network. In response Vodafone has instituted a 30-day money back guarantee for contract customers and SMEs, twice the usual and allowing new subscribers to cancel for any reason without a penalty incurred.


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