Vodafone claims 200Mbps 4G 'mini mast' puts Cornwall on the map

Vodafone claims 200Mbps 4G ‘mini mast’ puts Cornwall on the map

A new, smaller type of 4G mobile mast is making waves on the Cornish coast in what Vodafone is claiming as a UK first.

Villagers in Porthcurno are now getting 4G speeds of 200Mbps to their mobiles as an eight-metre telescopic mast broadcasts strong signal across the windswept beaches of the south coast.

And it’s discreet, too.

The mobile masts used to deliver 4G data can blight the landscape in normally scenic locations because of their large size and angular steel frame.

But Vodafone’s 4G mini mast stands only half as high as a standard mast, and doesn’t need a large electrical cabinet bolted to the side to house all the extra machinery needed to run it.

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Vodafone hope this will take some of the shine off rival network EE, after the BT-owned firm smashed 4G speed records again.

BroadbandDeals.co.uk also reported how an EE-backed project to launch 100Mbps 4G home broadband to solve slow rural internet is putting the squeeze on its competitors.

Rumours abound of a possible Vodafone Virgin merger after the operator recorded a spike of 39,000 new broadband subscribers in the last quarter of 2017.

And while all the talk of the telecoms town is about 5G and full fibre at the moment, it’s clear that there are still major improvements to be made with the quality of UK call signal and 4G data speeds.

Vodafone said it would now start trialling the 4G mini mast in other locations around the country.

MAIN IMAGE: James Burke/CC BY 2.0


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