TalkTalk dropping mobile to focus on broadband

TalkTalk Mobile killed off, customers offered O2 switch

TalkTalk Mobile is officially no more. The company has formally ended its in-house mobile service and moved thousands of customers to O2.

Back in September 2017 SIMOnlyDeals reported how the company were considering closing down TalkTalk mobile with plans to sell off its customer contracts.

At the time the company said it was looking for “low touch, retail arrangement that will enable us to continue to offer a compelling mobile service to all our broadband customers.”

Now when their contract comes to an end, every former TalkTalk mobile customer will be given the option to switch to an O2 deal.

TalkTalk customers have been receiving letters or emails from the company to say their TalkTalk Mobile contract will not be renewed.

If they decide to take the offer, they will effectively become O2 mobile customers and receive all bills and communication direct from O2.

TalkTalk broadband or home phone customer will not be affected by the switch, the company confirmed.

Virgin, Vodafone and Sky Mobile were all rumoured to be in with a chance of taking over TalkTalk Mobile contracts.

3G or not 3G

TalkTalk Mobile was run as an mobile virtual network operator that could only offer 3G data. It had been promising a 4G upgrade for some years but that never materialised.

The company once had plans to reach more than 4 million customers but only brought in 913,000 since its 2010 launch.

By the beginning of 2017 TalkTalk’s revenues had dropped as the company felt more pressure from broadband rivals Sky, BT and Virgin Media.

This move allows them to cut the cost of offering mobile contracts to refocus on broadband.

I’m with TalkTalk Mobile, what now?

If you have a mobile contract with TalkTalk, you should be contacted either by phone or email when your contract comes to a close.

You will be offered the choice of moving to a new O2 deal, or switching away to a new SIM Only provider.

However – be careful – if you are still in contract with TalkTalk Mobile and you try to switch away, you will be charged the standard termination fee.

Customers are reportedly being offered 25% off O2 SIM Only deals but given the explosion in interest in SIM Only, there now are much better deals available.

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