This 400GB SD card turns your phone into a storage beast

This 400GB SD card turns your phone into a storage beast

SanDisk have produced a record-breaking 400GB microSD card that turns your phone into the ultimate storage device.

If you’re constantly running out of space and always deleted and re-installing your favourite apps, or moving photos and video to a spare laptop in an endless loop, this will be for you.

It’s aimed at Android smartphones that can handle up to 2TB of expandable storage: that includes models like the Samsung Galaxy S7 and newer, and costs £224.99 on Amazon. So it’s not cheap.

Just bear in mind if your phone can’t handle that much expandable storage this SD card won’t work. Google your phone’s model type or name along with “SD card” and you’ll soon find out if you can use this.

The whopping 400GB of space outclasses its closest rival by nearly 150GB. Last year Samsung’s 256GB microSD card was the top of the pops but it’s been soundly beaten here by SanDisk.

The tech firm unveiled this impressive piece of tech at IFA Berlin, a consumer electronic show that features thousands of the world’s top companies all vying for column inches with their latest releases.

With Ultra-HD video now the new normal, downloading video, pictures, GIFs and more has never put such a strain on your smartphone or tablet. Happily this SanDisk microSD card can transfer data at 100MB per second. In real terms that means it can take on 1,200 photos in under a minute.

Not to worry if you’re a little accident-prone, either. This slim card is only 1x1cm wide but is a shockproof, waterproof and even resists X-rays if you happen to take it to the dentists by accident.

The Class 10 card also comes with an A1 rating, meaing that you can load apps faster than normal. So if you’re desperate for more room and you’ve got the phone to handle it, this must be the best option on the market.


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