Samsung Galaxy S8 missing texts: Users report SMS mystery

Samsung Galaxy S8 missing texts: Users report SMS mystery

Samsung Galaxy S8 users are complaining about missing texts causing a major headache on their new handsets.

S8 owners in the UK, Europe, the US and around the world have been reporting the problem for the past month, with many taking to social media to voice their concern.

Networks across the globe all appear to be affected by the bug, suggesting this is an issue with the phone hardware itself and not limited to a specific production run of handsets.

Samsung has not commented on the problem, nor released any patch, update or solution to the S8 missing texts issue.

Some users complained of lost opportunities or messages from colleagues not received. Doubtless, many meetings have been missed or had to be rescheduled.

Other users describe text messages getting “stuck” or “jammed” rather than instantly sending, suggesting there may be multiple problems.

The issues relate to SMS text messages. Other online messaging apps such as WhatsApp appear to unaffected.

Reddit, a hotbed of angry consumers, has an entire ‘megathread’ dedicated to issues surrounding the Samsung devices not receiving texts.

The issue has persisted for at least a month. Reddit user, Cloud7andahalf, writes: “the last couple of weeks I have had a serious issue with notification of text messages. I haven’t been recieving [sic] them half the time.”

Fellow Redditor, Sg2Riff17, said: “Oddly enough, many of my texts come through exactly 12 hours later than they were sent. Very strange.”

It’s not just the Galaxy S8, users have also reported problems with the Galaxy S7 not displaying messages on the Android Messages app.

Some users have speculated the problem could be simply to do with network availability, although this is unlikely, as it’s only Samsung and Android users experiencing the problem.

If you find yourself affected by text message delinquency, there is one (short-term) solution.

Putting your SIM card into another device – one that’s not a Galaxy S7 or S8 – should allow you to freely send and receive messages.


Aran is a technology journalist with an interest in consumer issues.
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