Samsung is making 512GB memory chips for smartphones

Samsung smartphones will have 512GB storage

Samsung is starting to manufacture the world’s first 512GB flash chips to go in its high-end flagship smartphones.

The South Korean tech giant announced that its embedded Universal Flash Storage (eUFS) will be able to store up to 130 10-minute videos in Ultra HD.

Moving a 5GB HD video from your smartphone to a solid-state drive would take around six seconds.

This is eight times faster than a standard microSD card, Samsung say.

Back in early 2016 Samsung launched a 256GB eUFS which is used in its current top of the line models.

The current flagship model for Samsung, the S8, comes with 64GB of internal memory.

It can take microSD cards to expand storage, but even Samsung’s own EVO Select branded cards can only read/write data at 100MB/s and 90MB/s.

The eUFS will be able to transfer data at lightning speed.

Samsung’s current 128GB chip can read data at 850MB/s, over three times faster than embedded MultiMediaCard storage (eMMC) currently available in lower-end tablets and smartphones.


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