Qualcomm takes on Apple and Intel

Qualcomm takes on Apple and Intel

Qualcomm, the world’s largest mobile chipmaker has declared it is taking on Apple and Intel with its processors that will power 5G and 4G phones as well as laptops.

Qualcomm made the declaration at its tech summit held in Hawaii last week where one after another, executives boasted that the speed and battery gains of their processors were so much better than those of Apple and Intel.

In particular, Qualcomm wanted to change the perception that Apple, with its internal mobile processor business, is the de facto leader of the pack when it comes to chip technology.

Qualcomm is also still fuming after Apple left out Qualcomm chips from current and future iPhones. And a company scorned?

It has also had its eye on a piece of Intel’s PC pie, but behind the announcements is the desire to maintain its position as the world’s largest mobile chipmaker. And even with the slowdown of sales in smartphones, Qualcomm continues to benefit from its offers of must-have features in its newest chips.

During the Hawaiian shindig heavyweight partners such as Samsung, Google and Microsoft announced news such as the first 5G phones that will be launched next year and the new chips they will bring.

As chip supplier to almost half the mobile phone market, Qualcomm showed-off its first 5G-ready SoC (System on a Chip), the new Snapdragon 855 chipset which will drive most major Android phones and the new 8cx processor, specifically designed for Windows 2-in-1s.

When it came to the PC market, Qualcomm wants to make inroads against Intel by powering Windows convertible laptops that are sold in droves to companies for employee use. Currently Intel dominates but Qualcomm believes their 4G and future 5G connection networks will swing the market their way.

5G is crucial to the company as for many of us. The shift from 4G to 5G will mark a profound transformation in the way people use their devices and the way these devices will talk to each other. Its going to be a lot more than simply faster download speeds.

The double effects of extreme speeds and instant network connections that 5G offers makes becoming number one a valuable prize, hence Qualcomm’s opening salvos against incumbents like Apple and Intel.

Most 5G networks should be up and running in early and mid-2019 and everyone it seems, is getting extremely excited.

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