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By 2025 we’ll be using 98GB data every month

According to research from Giffgaff our rate of data usage in 2025 will be a staggering 98.34GB per month thanks to the introduction of 5G in 2020 and our insatiable desire for using our smartphones for everything.

At present Ofcom says the current rate of monthly data usage is around 1.9GB.

For that to jump nearly 100-fold in the next eight years clearly indicates the phenomenal impact 5G will have.

The introduction of 5G in 2020 will be a defining stage in the evolution of IT for both industry and society according to many experts.

It will, they say, increase data volume, energy efficiency and rapid mobile and data deployment on an unprecedented level.

Silver surfers chat and shop

According to their figures Giffgaff revealed that the young are more likely to go over their monthly data allowance. They estimated that 14% of 18-24-year-olds exceeded their mobile monthly allowance every month.

The survey also found a distinct rise in the so-called silver surfer. 30% of those surveyed aged 65+ claimed messaging to be their largest use of data. This is more than double those aged 18-24 and people aged between 25-34-year-olds.

And a significant 8% of over 65s said that shopping on their phones accounted for their biggest use of data. Again, more than double for youngsters.

Irish most sociable

Northern Ireland is the most sociable region in the UK with 51% using the most monthly mobile data for social media.

The survey also found 11% of Northern Irish people regularly go over their data usage limit every month. More than England, Wales and Scotland.

Interestingly, Northern Ireland had the lowest figures for video streaming. Only 9% admitted they used most of their data usage on streaming.

Men watch, women socialise

Men are driving the growth in using their data allowance for streaming videos. 18% of men surveyed said they used their data on streaming set against 7% of women. Over half of women though use their mobile data on social media compared to just 34% of men.


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