Macate Genio: UK 'cybersecurity' phone on sale at £249

Macate Genio: £249 phone with hardcore encryption lands in UK

US manufacturer Macate has dropped its first ‘secure’ handset brand into the UK mid-range mobile market.

The SIM-free Genio is available for pre-order now and will retail at £249.

It comes with a 5.0in HD screen, 2GB RAM and 16GB of storage (expandable via microSD to 200GB), and a 1.3Ghz Mediatek processor running Android 7.0 Nougat.

With the rise of malware targeting Android and Apple phones alike, the features on the Macate Genio should appeal to the security-conscious UK consumer.

Who are Macate?

We’d never heard of them either.

Macate Genio: £249 'cybersecurity' phone

Macate are based in Silicon Valley in California and started up in 2001.

They’ve got offices around the world, and have just opened a new branch in Kensington, London, to support the release of the Genio.

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Macate have been producing secure payment devices and cybersecurity apps for a few years now, but the Genio is their first UK phone.

What’s so ‘secure’ about the Macate Genio?

Macate say the Genio will automatically encrypt instant messages, voice recordings, video calls and email attachments.

It uses the strongest protection available on the consumer market, called 256-bit advanced encryption standard (AES), which is also found on the iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy 8.

The Genio can detect your location and IP address, which adapts the level of encryption depending on the country where the phone is being used.

At £249 the Genio is well-placed to compete with second-hand phones like the HTC M7, or budget Android phones like the Moto G6.

There’s also the NetMe instant messaging app, which comes pre-bundled with the phone. This is Macate’s own software and you can also download this from the Google Play Store.

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What else do you need to know?

The Macate Genio claims to be one of the most secure phones on the market.

Macate have been developing secure payment devices for over 15 years, but the Genio marks the company’s first UK foray into cutting-edge cybersecurity smartphones.

It’s available in white, black, gold and champagne.


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