Binge-watching Netflix now data-free with Three

Go Binge: Netflix now data-free with Three

Three have just announced their brand-new Go Binge plan, giving customers unlimited use of Netflix and other streaming services with zero worries about burning through data caps.

This new plan is the first of its kind in the UK, giving customers a ‘zero-rating’ service for free and unlimited access to video and music streaming platforms.

Customers who pick up the new perk can freely watch movies and shows from Netflix and TVPlayer and listen to music from Deezer and Soundcloud. With Go Binge, using any of these four services won’t put a single dent in your data allowance.

Zero-rating services – where you make data cost nothing to the customer – is troubling for net-neutrality advocates, but Three claim they are “fully compliant with the net neutrality rules”.

“We recognise and respect the rules that are in place…Go Binge does not block content and it does not prioritise or restrict traffic. We are promoting customer choice.”

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Netflix kills your data plan no more

Streaming video or music when you’re on-the-go is the fastest way to chew through your data. Even a moderate 4GB allowance isn’t going to last long if you’re streaming music and movies every day.

If you watch a lot of Netflix and often find yourself running low on data, switching to Three could save you money and a lot of hassle.

Go Binge is available to all new and upgrading customers on the following plans:

  • All SIM Only Advanced plans of 4GB and above
  • All handset Advanced plans of 4GB and above.
  • All pay monthly mobile broadband plans of 5GB and above.

Existing customers on one of the above plans will need to upgrade to a plan with more minutes or data to benefit from Go Binge.

Important things to keep in mind

Unlimited streaming is only available with Netflix, TVPlayer, Deezer and Soundcloud.

Watching videos or listening to music from any other source will still use up your data allowance as normal.

You’ll need individual subscriptions to use each of the services on Go Binge.

Netflix costs £5.99 a month for a Basic plan, TVPlayer costs £5.99 a month for premium channels, Deezer is £9.99 a month for unlimited access and Soundcloud is £9.99 a month for offline listening and no ads.

There are plans to expand Go Binge to include more streaming services, with Three saying Go Binge is an “open platform” for other companies to join.


Samuel Newman is a consumer journalist and blogger based in Sheffield.
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