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EE boss it with Best Network win again in England

EE can afford to be a little smug with another round of top marks for its call quality and rapid data speeds in the latest Rootmetrics report.

This study tells us effectively who runs the Best Network in the first half of 2017, factoring in everything from 3G and 4G data speeds to who has the most reliable call quality.

EE was crowned the best mobile operator in England but no one provider managed to top the charts for the whole UK.

Hardcore, you know the score

To put together the results RootMetrics tries out some of the most hardcore testing in the business.

These include collecting 646,230 samples during the first half of 2017, both indoors and outdoors, as well as testing how well mobile networks performed while the subject was driving.

We know it’s theoretically possible to get 6.4Gbps 5G while driving, thanks to Dr Frink-style American boffins, but Rootmetrics did a far more boring 21,562 miles of gunning cars around the country while waving their arms out of the window to get signal.

In Northern Ireland, Vodafone won the day, while Three grabbed top spot for customers in Scotland and Wales.

Cities and 4G win it for EE

EE has been on the march for some time now with the biggest 4G penetration with users able to get 4G 90% of the time.

Some outrageous speeds are coming out of EE 4G+ network in Cardiff. We’ve heard claims of 429Mbps downloads onto a mobile, which is just ridiculous, really.

And its investment in 4G seems to be paying off. Rootmetrics 4G testing reckon the sun shines out of EE’s nether regions too.

EE boss it with Best Network win again in England

EE’s slowest 4G download speed of 25Mbps – found in Sheffield – was still faster than Vodafone, Three or O2’s best download speed.

It was in Birmingham where EE pulled out its fastest average download speeds, hitting a whopping 37.3Mbps.

Another clean sweep for EE must be making bosses at BT very happy; their own corporate plan shows how BT want to combine the BT Consumer division with EE’s stunning mobile department.

We can only hope that the huge conglomerate doesn’t stick its size 12 boots in the way and start breaking EE for ever.


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