EE student discount: now with 500MB free data

EE student discount: now with 500MB free data

EE is giving out 500MB of free mobile data on top of its 20% student discount package.

Students registered with the UNiDAYS network will get the free data allowance. The offer applies to existing customers and those who upgrade to eligible 24-month handset contracts or 12-month SIM Only plans.

The additional data will be offered on top of a plan’s inclusive data limit, which provides a free 500MB boost each month.

How do I get the EE student discount?

Students who sign up for the existing discount will be given the free data automatically.

It’s not clear whether the offer will lead more students to hand in their coursework on time, as there’s extra data available for browsing, streaming and gaming without the risk of busting your data cap.

To claim the 500MB of free data, existing customers with a unique UNiDAYS code can text ‘STUDENT’ to 150 (free of charge) from their EE mobile, and follow the instructions. EE will send confirmation when the free data has been added to their plan.

New student customers can also receive six months’ free membership on Apple Music when they sign up or upgrade to an eligible contract.

How much data will I actually need?

Streaming one HD movie will use up around 1.5GB of data, while an hour of online gaming will use about 43MB and streaming an album around 80MB.

EE doesn’t allow customers to exceed their data allowance each month.

A lot of other networks do allow data rollover – so the stuff you don’t use is still there for you to use next month. This list includes ID Mobile, O2, Virgin, Vodafone and Sky.

EE sends a warning text when 80% of monthly data has been used, and another when it reaches 100%.

There are no additional charges for reaching the limit, but the network does allow customers to purchase additional data if necessary.

To check data usage, EE customers can use the My EE app or My EE online service or text ‘AL’ to 150 from their EE device.


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