EE switch on new 4G sites in west Scotland

EE 4G Scotland gets boost with new mast sites

The UK’s largest mobile operator, EE, has switched on eight new 4G mobile sites across Galloway and West Dumfries in Scotland.

These new sites will deliver superfast 4G capabilities to residents and businesses in Drummore, Loch Ken, Mochrum, Parton, Port Logan, and Rhins.

With EE’s new sites some of these areas are receiving 4G coverage for the first time.

Rural communities often the last to see the latest communications upgrades, especially when it comes to fixed-line broadband. EE’s new 4G sites could offer many people a better solution to their home broadband, as well as boosting the connections of mobile devices.

As well as covering rural communities, these new sites provide 4G access and mobile coverage to large sections of road that, until now, had none. This includes stretches of the A702, A713, A716, A747, A746, B793, B7005, and the B7052.

Reliable mobile and internet connections have become vitally important to many aspect of modern life, but rural areas are often left stuck in a sort of dark age.

These eight new sites are a welcome upgrade to both residents and businesses in the area, according to the local MSP for Galloway and West Dumfries, Finlay Carson.

He said; “I welcome EE’s investment in our digital infrastructure. Improving mobile signal is a key way of helping rural areas compete and I’ve long called for such improvements to be made.

“The new masts will provide additional coverage for many new residents and businesses as well as helping with tourism.”

EE claims to be building or upgrading more than 100 sites across the UK every week.

These efforts to expand and improve their network have made EE the largest network in the country, with a total geographical coverage of more than 86 percent of the landmass.


Samuel Newman is a consumer journalist and blogger based in Sheffield.
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