EE just ruined Glasto with this 4G smart tent

EE just ruined Glastonbury 2017 with this 4G smart tent

Glastonbury 2017 Festival will be a little different, featuring what’s thought to be the world’s first 4G smart tent.

Instead of tramping for hours through the mud while your pals ingest questionable narcotics bought from a white bloke with dreds, why not kick your feet up in style in EE’s smart tent?

We already know Jeremy “Winner” Corbyn will be appearing on the Pyramid Stage, but you could too with this cheeky EE competition. EE just ruined Glasto with this 4G smart tent 1

The benefits of this 21st-century beast are the ability to auto-tweet (but to whom?) when the fridge stocks get low, and to dry your wellies on innovative solar-powered heaters.

And if you can’t be bothered trekking to the front of the Pyramid Stage to get the best spot for Radiohead, Ed Sheeran or the mighty XX, you can always live stream stage shows into your tent’s comfortable living room.

With your tent acting as a 4G WiFi hotspot you’ll likely get even more hangers-on than if you’ve got the last working baby wipe within a mile square.

And if you don’t fancy sleeping directly under the warming rays of a 4G small cell mast then there’s always security cameras roving outside, so you can brave the paranoia and kip under the stars.

It’s only two days till Glasto kicks off, and EE are running a Twitter competition for one festival-goer and a friend to stay in the tent on Friday 23 June.

After Fyre Festival (Google it if you don’t know, it’s hilarious) we’re a little more wary of festivals promising VIP experiences, but the winner has been promised breakfast in bed, as well as access to the side of the Pyramid Stage for all those far-out rock-god moments.

This is obviously a stunt, right? But there’s clearly a market for the 4G smart tent for mums and dads who can’t give up the mod cons when they go on holiday – or those who want to keep the kids quiet and docile while they have their own mini-Glastonbury…Dragon’s Den awaits EE, surely?


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