How to get free BT Mobile WiFi calling and 4G calling

How to get free BT Mobile WiFi calling and 4G calling

BT Mobile WiFi calling is finally here, along with 4G calling too.

The upgrades are available for customers with iPhone 5S and newer, further cementing the MNVO as one of the best in the business.

Everyone knows there’s that one place where you just can’t get decent signal.

Down at the bottom of the garden, up on your favourite hillside walking spot or even along major road or rail routes.

But you can turn to WiFi calling or 4G calling if all else fails.

When you make phone calls over 4G or WiFi, there’s no extra charges and calls come out of your minutes allowance for the month.

Even the cheapest BT Mobile SIM Only deal offers unlimited minutes anyway.

It’s especially helpful if you need to hang on the phone for long periods of time, say while you’re stuck in a call waiting queue, trying to buy tickets, or just on the phone to your Mum.

BT also uses the EE network for the UK’s fastest 4G data speeds.

Not all Androids in

Just keep an eye on the fact that BT Mobile doesn’t support free 4G calling or free WiFi calling for all Android phones just yet.

Android devices make up 44% of the UK market for smartphones, so it’s a significant number of people to leave behind.

But happily BT tells that the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus do support both WiFi and 4G calling.

Plans are also in the works to steadily roll out these features to the rest of Google’s operating system, for the other half of the country not so enamoured with the Apple ecosystem.

How to use BT WiFi calling

WiFi calling means you can boost your coverage and use WiFi and text when you can’t get a signal – whether that’s at home or in coverage blackspots.

There’s no need to sign up, register or download an app to use BT Mobile WiFi calling. You can simply switch it on in your phone’s settings when you need it.

Importantly, there’s no extra cost – calls and texts come out of your monthly allowance or are charged at the standard rate.

How to use BT 4G calling

You don’t need to switch anything on or off, it works automatically.

You can make and receive calls with BT SIMs wherever there’s 4G coverage, meaning you can stay connected in more places and BT Mobile 4G Cclling also gives you crystal clear sound quality.

4G calling allows you use 4G data as you talk so you can stream videos at 4G speeds as you talk – ideal for using things like Google Maps and making calls at the same time. 4G Calling is available on iPhone 6 and above.


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