Apple Watch 4G coming later this year 2

Apple Watch 4G coming later this year

The Apple Watch 4G could drop onto UK shelves as early as the end of this year, industry reports out today venture.

Insiders told Bloomberg that the next iteration of the smartwatch would be able to bypass the iPhone and connect directly to mobile networks to make calls.

How many Apple Watch sales did the company make in 2017? It’s hard to tell, because bosses rolled sales into a generic ‘other products’ column. Apple claim sales are in the millions, and are up 50% on 2016.

The evolution of the Apple Watch 4G would open up new markets for Apple, which has seen sales shrink drastically for wearable tech.

An Apple Watch enabled with new 4G LTE chips would allow models to download music and video without directly connecting to a smartphone.

At the moment Apple Watches have to be linked wirelessly to an iPhone to stream music, use maps to download directions and work with apps.

Apple Watch 4G coming later this year 3

Apple is remaining schtum about the prospect of the Apple Watch 4G but this latest version could prop up flagging sales in the wearables sector.

While popular with early-adopters and fitness fanatics, sales in the wider population haven’t hit the heights Apple were expecting.

The point of having an Apple Watch as an all-in-one watch/phone/life assistant was somewhat dulled by the fact that you have to connect it to your iPhone in order to make calls or do anything useful anyway.

When it launched in 2016, analysts pointed to the Apple Watch as the spearhead for the company’s next multi-billion dollar industry.

But by November last year smartwatch sales had fallen by over 51%, and industry leader Jawbone, who produced fitness wristbands, said it would drop consumer wearables altogether to focus on healthcare applications.

Apple has sent out press invitations for 7 September 2017 at 6pm, stoking speculation that the Apple Watch 4G could be with us as soon as next moth

On 7 September 2016 Apple launched the Apple Watch 2 in San Francisco.


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