Could you use 100GB of 4G data every month? Three think so

Could you use 100GB of 4G data every month? Three think so

It might be difficult to imagine exactly what you could be doing on your phone to burn through 100GB of 4G data in just 30 days, but Three think its so common they’ve introduced a deal just for you.

Three’s SIM Only ‘Advanced’ plan comes with 100GB of 4G data available every month.

You can get the 12 month contract for £25 a month. One month rolling deals are available for a little more: £29 a month. This more flexible arrangement will suit you if you’re not sure how much data you use, or you finish bingeing your favourite boxsets halfway through the month.

Included in the 100GB deal are free EU roaming and Three’s Go Binge utility which ‘zero-rates’ data on music and TV streaming services.

Basically, it means you can stream all the music and video you want from four services: Netflix, Soundcloud, Deezer and TVPlayer, and it won’t add to your data usage.

What could you really use 100GB a month for, I hear you ask?

If you like to watch, ahem, ‘adult enterprises’ on your phone then this may also be the finest deal you can find.

We found out this week that streaming video on Youtube costs SIX TIMES as much data as any other popular app, so if you need to shoot short clips and upload them to Youtube for your vlogging empire, this deal could also work for you.


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