How to get out of a 30-day SIM Only contract

How to get out of a 30-day SIM Only contract

If you don’t want to be locked in to a long-term mobile contracts a 30-day rolling SIM Only deal might be perfect for you.

The flexibility is the key: it allows you to change your provider or tariff much more frequently.

This is useful if your income changes from month to month or if you just don’t want to be chained to the same provider for 18 months.

What’s a rolling contract?

Don’t be mistaken that because it’s a 30-day contract, it will only last 30 days.

What makes it a rolling contract is that it will continue into the following month and every subsequent month until you cancel it.

Prices change all the time and you’ll often see the best SIM Only deals go to new customers.

But if you’re happy with what you’re getting, and you can’t be bothered to check prices every month you can let your contract roll over for as long as you want.

The good thing about a 30-day rolling contract is that if you want to switch from EE to Plusnet, or O2 to GiffGaff, you don’t have to wait.

How to get out of a 30-day rolling contract

Most providers need 30 days’ notice of your decision to leave, which means you’ll need to be on your toes if you don’t intend to stick around.

Pro Tip: Keep an eye on the start and end date of your rolling 30-day contract, so you can plan ahead or find a different provider.

We also recommend thinking about how much data you use to make your money go as far as possible. There’s no point paying for data you don’t use, or getting less than you need just because it’s cheaper.

Side note: Remember that apps can use up just as much data as websites. Clicking links or opening pictures on the likes of Snapchat or Instagram will chip away at your data limit.

Switching between two SIMS on the same network

So you’re a faithful Plusnet customer, you like the cheeky Yorkshire chappie on the adverts and admire his purple check shirt. You want to stay with them forever. Alas! You’re only getting 2GB data for £10 a month when you could be getting 5GB for the same price. What can you do?

Well, it’s quite straightforward, and works the same way for each mobile supplier.

If you only want to change your tariff, just get in touch with your provider and give them the details of the changes you’d like made.

Your new contract will commence at the start of the next billing period.

This means that you may not be able to switch over straight away, but unlike cancelling, it doesn’t need a 30-day notice period. Changing between tariffs on the same network should be quick and painless.

Switching SIMs between different providers

The first thing to note is that there are loads of 30-day contracts available on a bunch of different networks. If you see a better price or data package elsewhere, make the most of the freedom a 30-day SIM only contract gives you.

Say you’re getting 4GB data for £15 a month on Three, but GiffGaff are offering the same amount of data for £12 a month. After giving it a moment’s thought, you decide to switch.

The first thing you should do is call, livechat or email your current provider and inform them of your decision to cancel the contract. Any of these methods will work, but it’s usually easiest to call if you can.

You will need to abide by the minimum notice period for terminating the agreement, usually 30 days.

Make sure you tell them you intend to leave before your contract rolls on for another month.

The 30-day period will typically start on the day you take out your contract, and continue on the same date (or thereabouts) each month.

If you want to cancel, it will have to be within these 30 days, and will probably include the following month (unless you give notice the day your contract starts).

Unfortunately, most providers will charge you for another full month unless otherwise stated.

Therefore, it’s best to be sharp and make any arrangements at the start of a 30-day period. That way, you know the contract will expire at the same time as your data allowance.

Check out the bottom of this guide for a list of phone numbers for each SIM Only provider.

Can I keep my number?

If you’re not keen on memorising a new number every month like some kind of Rain Man, the thought of changing it every time you switch could induce some serious freak outs.

Luckily for you, there is a quick and easy way to keep your beloved phone number. All you need is a PAC code, which allows you to transfer your number from one network to another.

Your old provider will be able to supply you with it, so make sure to ask when telling them you’re leaving. You will normally get this PAC code as a text from your old provider, which you can then pass on to your new provider. The operator will then schedule the change over, so you don’t have to do anything yourself.

Contact numbers

Below is a list of useful customer service numbers you might need if you’re switching SIMs.

  • Plusnet: 0800 432 0080
  • Three: 0800 033 8004
  • iD Mobile: 0333 003 7777
  • Vodafone: 0808 040 8408
  • EE: 0800 956 6000
  • O2: 0800 977 7337

GiffGaff customers may find it tough to get a contact phone number for customer services as we searched, and it doesn’t seem to exist.

The O2-owned company seem to rely on this community forum to answer questions about GiffGaff SIMs, problems and solutions. There’s also an email address:


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