How to get a higher resale price for your old handset

How to get a higher resale price for your old handset

Even in today’s environmentally aware society, smartphones remain a uniquely disposable commodity.

Despite noble efforts by manufacturers like Fairphone, whose modular smartphone’s replaceable components ensure it’ll last for many years, old handsets are constantly being discarded.

Manufacturers often release new models on an annual basis, with corporate profits depending on making consumers upgrade from last year’s device.

This constant pressure to own the latest hardware sees millions of high-end (and high-quality) handsets being donated, scrapped, abandoned or resold every year.

Indeed, the retained value of a 2020-spec smartphone may soften the financial blow of purchasing a 2021-spec handset up front.

As such, it’s important to maximise the value of your existing device. If you get more money for your old phone, it’ll cost less to upgrade to the latest model.

However, it’s not always obvious how to get more money for your old phone. Below, we’ve listed seven ways to get more bang for your BlackBerry, or iPhone, or Samsung…

Fit a protective case and a screen protector

Protective covers detract from the aesthetic purity of a smartphone, cladding its sleek glass or aluminium chassis in rubber or plastic.

However, the impact protection wraparound cases offer can ensure even a two year-old handset looks like new. Ditto clear screen protectors, which shrug off scratches and chips.

Avoid contact with hard objects

Never shove a smartphone into a pocket containing coins or keys. Even with a screen protector in place, these could damage the phone’s condition, lowering its ultimate value.

For similar reasons, don’t drop the phone, sit it face-down on a worktop or table, or risk placing it where the screen might be impacted or damaged.

Periodically clean the handset

Dust and dirt can build up in sockets and holes, becoming increasingly difficult to remove while affecting both the phone’s aesthetics and its market value.

Clean ports and holes with cotton buds, compressed air or a dry cloth. If the handset is IP68 resistant, wash it in warm soapy water to kill bugs and bacteria.

Preserve the battery

Running a battery flat can shorten its lifespan, as can leaving it plugged in overnight when it’s fully charged yet still receiving electricity.

Parasitic loads (when the device is charging and simultaneously engaged in processor-intensive activities) can also damage the battery, which may lower a phone’s resale value.

Don’t invalidate the warranty

This can be done by rooting or jailbreaking your phone, so it exists outwith the walled garden of the Android or iOS app stores.

Rooting and jailbreaking are additionally undertaken to adjust clock speed or customise the handset – none of which will go down well with an authorised reseller.

Retain accessories and packaging

This won’t apply if you’re trading your handset in, but it could increase the value if you’re selling it privately.

Buyers will appreciate receipts, manuals, and even original packaging. Including SIM card tools and charging cables also makes their lives easier – and convenience is worth paying for.

Ensure everything works

Another way to get more money for your old phone is to thoroughly test the phone prior to performing a factory reset and handing it over.

One faulty component like a damaged microphone can knock as much as 90 per cent off the handset’s value. In some cases, it might be more cost-effective to repair it before selling.

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