What does ‘unlocked’ mean on a phone?

What does ‘unlocked’ mean?

When a phone is ‘unlocked’ it can be used with SIM cards from any network.

A ‘locked’ phone is restricted to only use SIMs and contracts from a single network – usually the network that supplied the phone.

If a phone is locked, it is harder to switch to the perfect SIM Only deal once your contract expires as you’ll still be restricted to offers from your current network.

You can check if your phone is locked by inserting a SIM from a different network and trying to make a call. If the call fails, your phone’s locked.

Smartphones can be unlocked by contacting your network operator and asking them to unlock your device. This service is usually free although it could cost up to £19.99.

Before you call, you’ll need to note down your phone’s 15-digit IMEI number by entering *#060# into the keypad.

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