Triple data deals on Virgin SIM Only - £12 for 6GB

Triple data deals on Virgin SIM Only – £13 for 9GB

Thursday, 2 November, 2017

Virgin SIM Only deals are getting a triple-layer data boost, bringing Branson’s best in line with the best 12 month SIM Only data deals you can get.

Virgin’s normal 1GB plan is boosted to 3GB of 4G data a month, with the price staying at £9 a month.

For £12 a month your data gets kicked up from 2GB to a healthy 6GB, while for £13 a month Virgin are offering 9GB of data to play with.

Each comes on a 12 month contract, so you won’t be able to switch away without penalty during that minimum term.

Virgin SIMs use the EE network for 4G data and calls.

EE is consistently rated the best mobile provider in the UK for data speed and call reliability.

More: EE launch Enhanced HD voice calls

All Virgin SIMs come with Roam Like at Home, so you can connect automatically to foreign networks when you’re in Europe and use your data plan as normal.

With Data Rollover, you can hold on to any GBs you don’t use and use them in later months.

They also have certain messaging apps zero-rated – which means you can use WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Twitter without it costing you anything from your data.

What do you get?

  • 3GB a month for £9
  • 1500 minutes included
  • Unlimited texts
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