Tesco Mobile SIM Only deals half price in January sales

Tesco Mobile SIM Only deals half price in January sales

Wednesday, 3 January, 2018

Tesco Mobile SIM Only deals are coming in with slashed prices for the January sales with big savings across all 12 month deals.

You’ll pay half price for six months, then full price for the second six months, bringing Tesco’s cheapest SIM Only deal to just £3 a month.

A standard £13 a month deal for 3GB of data, 5,000 texts and 1,500 inclusive minutes comes in at a much more manageable £6.50 for the first six months.

Tesco’s most popular deal, with 6GB of data, 3,000 minutes and 5,000 texts would normally be £16.50 a month.

In the January sale, you’ll grab the first half of your year-long contract for £8.25 a month.

Tesco = O2

Tesco runs as a mobile virtual network operator. It doesn’t have its own network as such, instead piggybacking on O2 for voice calls, messaging and mobile data.

That means you’ll need to check how good the O2 signal is where you spend most of your time – usually at home, in your home town, and where you work.

You can check that – along with EE, Three and Vodafone signal quality – using our in-house coverage checker here.

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    Whip your data into shape

    Tesco Mobile makes it easy to cap the amount of data you want to use every month on your SIM.

    You can put a limit on your monthly bill with a safety buffer, from £2.50 to £40, depending on the maximum you want to spend.

    This is a massive boost if you find you regularly go over your data limit, or you’re streaming a lot of video to your phone which can eat up data like it’s going out of fashion.

    Tesco guarantee they will make sure your bill never runs beyond your tariff plus the cost of this safety buffer, so you’ll never get the nasty surprise of opening your bill and seeing a whopping list of charges.

    Every Little Helps

    Tesco might have a budget brand but its customer service is consistently rated as the best in its class.

    Guide: Which network is my MNVO really on?

    If you do have a complaint, it’ll be dealt with swiftly and with care.

    That’s the opinion of Ofcom, the regulator that oversees the UK mobile industry.

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