SIM deals for iPads and Tablets 1

SIM deals for iPads and Tablets

We tend to use our iPads and tablets through our home WiFi or connecting to free WiFi when out and about. But this might not always be enough, so maybe you should think about getting a data SIM.

The major difference with a data SIM and other SIMs is that you can’t make calls or texts using them. And while all tablets offer WiFi access they don’t all offer cellular access.

Those tablets that do offer both WiFi and cellular will have a SIM card slot.

Most tablets you buy will be locked into a particular network, but you can pay for a tablet to be unlocked so it can be used with any SIM. If you bought the tablet without a provider deal it will be normally unlocked and will be able to accept a SIM from any network.

There are cheap and expensive deals out there dependent on the amount of data you feel you need. But as yet, there is currently no unlimited data tablet deals available.

And be aware that most providers will increase the monthly price by the RPI in March of each year.


While saying there is no unlimited deals currently, Three’s comes as close as is possible.

It offers a massive 40GB of data for £22 per month over a two-year contract. The package includes Go Binge, which allows you to stream TV and music without using up your data allowance.

It offers both one-year deals and two-year deals or a one-month deal for £30 per month. You’ll also need to pass a credit check and the price includes a £5 monthly discount for paying by direct debit.

Data 40GB
Contract length 24 months
Monthly cost £22

  • Three 24 Month 40GB
    Contract 24 months
    Mins -
    Texts -
    Data 40GB /month
    • Feel at Home Europe
    • Award winning for Mobile Data
    • Set Usage Limits and Alerts
    Three Standard/Micro/Nano SIM
    • Internationalno information
    • Wifi Hotspotsno information
    • Tethering Allowed Use your Allowance for tethering
    • Roaming CostsFeel at Home Europe


EE offers a monthly contract with 30GB for £30. You are able to use the data across the EU and some other destinations. A 12-month contract will cost you £29 per month, while a two-year deal will be £28 per month.

Data 30GB
Contract length 30 days
Monthly cost £30

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  • EE 30GB 30 Day
    Contract 30 days (rolling)
    Mins -
    Texts -
    Data 30GB /month
    • Enjoy EE's fastest 4G Speeds
    • UK Only Call Centres
    • 4G in more places than any other UK Network
    EE Standard/Micro/Nano SIM
    • Internationalno information
    • Wifi Hotspotsno information
    • Tethering Allowed
    • Roaming CostsEU Data Roaming Included

The People’s Operator

One of the best budget options around but limited on data. For a £5 monthly cost you will be able to browse the web and check emails on you tablet. If you run out of data you can get another 512MB data for just £3, 1GB of data for £5 or 2GB for £8.

You’ll also be doing your bit for charity. 10% of your spend will go towards a good cause of your choice.

Data 512MB
Contract length 30 days
Monthly cost £3.49


    Known as gigabags, Giffgaff’s data-only plans are suitable for both iPads and tablets and for users who only want data for their phone.

    Giffgaff rewards users with free credit and cash if you persuade someone else to sign-up and if you order before 5pm Monday to Friday you get 500MB delivered the next day.

    Giffgaff is unique is that it doesn’t offer an in-house customer service but instead relies on members answering other members’ queries.

    Data 500MB
    Contract length 30 days
    Monthly cost £5


      Vodafone offers a pretty wide-range of data-only tablet SIM deals. The 5GB deal is considered a good mid-level deal that gives you all you probably need.

      All of Vodafone’s 4G data SIMs come with Vodafone Global Roaming which means you will be able to use your data free in 50 roam-free destinations and for an extra £6 extended to 60 destinations.

      Data 5GB
      Contract length 12 months
      Monthly cost £15

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