What are public WiFi hotspots and which networks offer them?

A WiFi hotspot is a place where anyone can connect and enjoy broadband-quality internet in public places.

Many businesses and venues offer free WiFi to draw in customers.

By connecting to a WiFi hotspot, you can use the internet without worrying about your mobile data allowance.

O2 deliver many hotspots around the country and they’re free for anyone to use. If you’re an O2 customer, simply input your phone number when connecting. Everyone else will need to register on the O2 website to start accessing free WiFi.

All network operators offer free WiFi on the London Underground with Virgin Media’s hotspots.

Virgin Mobile plans give access to all of Virgin Media’s WiFi – over 250,000 hotspots around the country.

EE and Vodafone offer plans that use BT Openzone hotspots. If you know you’re often in range of one, it could be worth paying more for a hotspot plan to keep your data usage down.

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