£6 Plusnet SIM gets you 1.5GB data, 2000 mins

£6 Plusnet SIM gets you 1.5GB data, 2000 mins

Tuesday, 20 February, 2018

Plusnet’s cheap SIM Only deals are back with a vengence starting with this 1.5GB a month offering for just six quid.

Plusnet SIMs use the EE network for data and voice calls, so you know you’re getting the UK’s fastest 4G network and when that signal falters, it’s still the fastest network for 3G too.

It’s a time-limited deal, so if this strikes your fancy, get your skates on.

Unlike some major brands also piggybacking on EE as an MNVO – Virgin, we’re looking at you – you can use your Plusnet SIM for data tethering.

That means if you suffer dropouts in your WiFi or mobile connection, you can always get online on your laptop or tablet using the 4G data in your SIM.

As with most SIM Only deals it comes on a one-month flexible contract, so if a better offer catches your eye, you can switch away as soon as you like.

No more cursing yourself for signing up to a long contract that seemed cheap at the time.

Six quid won’t get you very far anywhere else and until midnight on 1 March 2018 you can grab a bargain with this Plusnet SIM.

What you get

  • 30-day rolling contract
  • 1.5GB data allowance every month
  • 2,000 minutes included
  • 1,000 texts a month
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