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Plusnet deal: 3GB/500 minutes £8 a month 1

Plusnet deal: 3GB/500 minutes £8 a month

Tuesday, 9 January, 2018

Plusnet deal alert!

The Yorkshire brand is bringing in better SIM Only data allowances with cuts to inclusive minutes with a deal for 3GB 4G data a month at just £8.

This SIM is available on a 30-day rolling contract so ideal for anyone who wants to drastically slash their monthly outgoings without losing the video, social and streaming benefits of a smartphone.

The deal announcement means that 3GB of data is now cheaper than Plusnet’s biggest seller, 2GB data/1500 minutes at £10 a month.

What you get in this Plusnet deal

  • 3GB of data per month
  • 500 minutes of calls included
  • Pay £8 a month and keep your phone
  • Plusnet SIMs use the EE network for voice calls and data. EE has faster 4G in more places than any other mobile network
  • Unlimited texts
  • Itemised data bills so you can see exactly how many MB you’ve used per session, where and for how long
    • Why now?

      Plusnet are reacting to the launch of social SIM Only brands Smarty (Three) and Voxi (Vodafone) by bumping up data limits and dropping the number of inclusive minutes allowed every month.

      The average number of calls made by SIM Only customers every month is dropping as more people sign up to free social messaging services like WhatsApp and Telegram.

      So this huge minutes allowance – once the staple of every mobile or contract deal – is falling out of favour with SIM Only audiences.

      By contrast, data use is rocketing. The average UK mobile user gets through 1.9GB of data every month.

      That’s up by 0.6GB a month compared to 2016, when people in the UK used on average 1.3GB of data a month .

      This information comes direct from the telecoms regulator Ofcom, from its 2017 Connected Nations Report which came out in December 2017.

      This deal ends at midnight on 18 January 2018.

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