Charity-first TPO Mobile joins

Charity-first TPO Mobile joins

TPO Mobile, the SIM Only provider that donates 10% of your monthly bill to the charity of your choice has joined

TPO Mobile, also known as The People’s Operator, started out in the US and launched in the UK in 2012.

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales joined the group in 2014 and acts as its de facto figurehead.

What you get

TPO Mobile is a Mobile Network Virtual Operator, or MNVO. That means it doesn’t run its own mobile network, but rather piggybacks on EE’s 4G service to provide data and calls.

It’s good news for anyone who wants to use Three’s 4G data speeds on a more flexible arrangement and without the inflated price tag.

TPO Mobile offers 30-day rolling contracts so you’re never stuck with a long contract you can’t switch away from.

There’s a range of offers from the cheapest 1GB data/500 minutes deal at £7.99 a month up to a maximum 8GB/3000 minutes for £19.99 a month.

    That 10% charity claim

    When you sign up to a TPO Mobile 30-day deal, you have the option to donate 10% of your monthly bill to a charity of your choice.

    It doesn’t cost you extra on top of your bill. So if you pick a £7.99 a month deal for 1GB data and 500 minutes, you’ll pay 7.99 a month to TPO. The company then take 10% of that money, and donate it to the charity of your choice.

    TPO has a big list of all the causes you can support here.

    Available non-profit organisations include foodbank and welfare charity The Trussell Trust, homelessness charity The Big Issue, and a number of health charities like Against Breast Cancer and the Children’s Heart Federation.

    If TPO aren’t currently partnered with a charity you’d like to donate to you can suggest one for them as well.

    TPO was forced to defend the social responsibility aspect of its service to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) in October 2017. One person complained that they did not believe TPO’s could really send 10% of customer’s monthly bill to a charity of their choice at no extra cost.

    But TPO proved their worth and came out of the investigation with a clean bill of health.

    They provided the ASA with bank records and customer orders to show that around 50% of new customers choose to support a charity along with their SIM Only deal.

    See the full range of TPO Mobile deals here


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