BT Mobile picks up 279,000 SIM Only customers

BT Mobile picks up 279,000 SIM Only customers

BT Mobile is continuing to grow in the SIM Only market with big data offers sucking in 279,000 new customers in the last three months.

Bringing £75 reward cards over from its broadband deals has helped kickstart sales for BT Mobile, and double discount Family SIMs have proved popular too.

Satisfaction also seems much higher than in BT’s broadband division with just 1.2% switching SIMs on a monthly basis.

The news came out in BT’s latest financial reports, which showed the group making big profits of £666m despite falling sales and massive investment in Premier League football for BT Sport.

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BT runs on EE’s 4G network, which is consistently rated the fastest and best in the UK.

EE 4G got even faster this year with more than 600 sites including in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh and Cardiff upgraded.

Upload speeds doubled from 50Mbps to 100Mbps with the upgrade, far faster than most home broadband packages and close to the theoretical maximum for the latest ‘Cat 12’ smartphones.

In reality it means for EE customers and those networks which piggyback it – BT, Plusnet and Virgin Mobile – it’s much quicker to share work files on the go, post social media updates and videos with less delay.

Its 4G+ network clocked 429Mbps downloads in Cardiff, the fastest average data speeds in the country.

Now over 1000 sites support Cat 9 speeds of up to 450Mbps, and EE 4G covers more than 85% of the UK.

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