Lebara slash prices on SIM Only deals

Lebara slash prices on SIM Only deals

Thursday, 18 January, 2018

When you get something for nothing it’s a rather nice feeling. That’s what Lebara want you to feel with an offer dropping the price of their SIM Only deals across the board.

It’s for new customers only, so if you’re already with Lebara you’ll want to look away now.

With Lebara you get international calls included, depending on how much you want to spend every month. If you’ve got friends and family overseas, this is the way to speak to them without racking up huge call charges.

Lebara tend to focus on selling to people working away from their home country, but if you’re prepared to look a little deeper you can grab a great cheap SIM Only deal.

Lebara is an mobile virtual network operator. To you, this basically means that they don’t run their own network but piggyback on Vodafone’s 4G data and call signal.

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What do you get?

  • 4G data and calls using the Vodafone network
  • Minutes free to international numbers
  • 30 day rolling contract for ultimate flexibility
  • Free calls and texts to other UK Lebara numbers
  • Contract auto-renews unless you stop it

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What to watch out for

Lebara only do 30-day rolling contracts. That means super flexibility to switch away as and when you want.

These are introductory deals only, which means after three months your bill will switch up to the higher original rate.

So keep an eye on the start and end dates of your contract so you can switch to a cheaper deal once your three months of cheapness has expired.

1GB/500 minutes for £5

The cheapest SIM Only deal comes in a £5 a month, down from £9 a month.

For that you’re looking at 1GB of data allowance, along with 500 inclusive UK minutes and 100 texts. You also get 500 minutes of international calls included.

Lebara seem to be the only company in the Western Hemisphere to realise that their target market uses WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger instead of old-style SMS.

    3GB/500 minutes for £8

    3GB of data is a healthy amount even for Youtube addicts and streaming fanatics.

    If you’re savvy about using WiFi when you’re out and about, on public transport, in cafes and shopping areas, you can watch video to your heart’s content without ever going over your data limit. With this deal you’re looking at 500 minutes of UK calls a month, as well as 500 international minutes a month.

    According to the latest Ofcom data, the average UK user gets through 1.9GB of data every month, but only uses 192 inclusive call minutes.

      4GB/Unlimited minutes – £8 a month

      For the same price as the above deal, you get an extra 1GB of data to bring your monthly total up to a healthy 4GB, and a rather generous unlimited UK minutes plan.

      The downside with this deal is that your international minutes are cut to 100 a month.

      If you don’t have friends and family overseas that you talk to on a regular basis then this £8 a month package might be better suited to you, with the extra data in mind.

        10GB/Unlimited minutes – £15

        If all-in is what you want and what you need, then there are few 10GB a month deals cheaper than this. At £15 Lebara beats off competition from the likes of much larger operations like Three and O2.

          When you pick a Lebara SIM Only deal from our lists, you’ll be taken through to the Lebara website to complete your order.

          Happy money-saving!

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