How do I find my SIM’s phone number?

To find out your own phone number you can check your phone’s contact list, settings menu or contact your network operator.

Many phones will store your number in the contact list, and it is usually under the heading My Number.

If your number isn’t in the contact list, you can check your phone’s Settings menu. The following instructions are for Android devices, but other operating systems will have similar steps:
Open the Settings menu, select About Device or About Phone, then select Status or Phone Identity.

Find My Phone Number on the list of options and tap it to display your number.

The third option is to call your network’s customer service line and simply ask them for your phone number.

If you call your network operator be sure to have a note of your SIM card’s serial number ready, even if you’re calling them with that SIM, as they may ask you for it. You can either find the serial number printed directly on the back of your SIM, or check this quick how-to guide.

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