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Best Data Deals under £12/month in September 2017

Thursday, 14 September, 2017

If you look at your bills every month and wonder why you’re still paying over the odds for stuff you never use, it is definitely worth switching from contract to SIM Only.

When your contract for a handset expires, that phone is now yours and fully paid for.

But if you hang around on the same deal you keep paying for it after your contract rolls over onto a monthly rate. This is money you are literally throwing away.

Instead of upgrading to yet another more expensive handset deal, you could save yourself big money by keeping your phone and switching to SIM Only.

You’ll get all the same call and 4G data with SIM Only – only the price changes.

Guide: Which network is my SIM Only deal on?

We’ve helpfully labelled the best SIM Only deals with which network they’re running on. Switching to any deal that uses the same network as your current contract will ensure you keep exactly the same coverage, availability and quality that you are used to.

Before we get into the list, here’s a quick rundown of some of the most popular features of SIM Only deals.

Data rollover – Any unused data from your monthly allowance will carry over to the next month, continuing to roll over for every month you stay in your contract.

Usage capping – Your network operator will automatically restrict your services if you go over your allowance, stopping you from accidentally paying the inflated out-of-allowance rates. This feature can be turned on or off whenever you want.

Tethering – You can share the 3G or 4G connection of your smartphone with other devices, giving mobile internet to devices that otherwise couldn’t have access to it.

Zero-rated data – Specific applications or services will not consume any of your data allowance when you use them, giving you completely unlimited access. This will only apply to services specified by your network operator, so be aware of what is zero-rated and what isn’t.

iD Mobile: £10 a month, 5GB data

Best Value SIM Only Deals under £13/month 6

Network: Three
Calls: 500 minutes
Texts: 5000 messages
Data: 5GB
Contract length: 30 days (rolling)


This deal features data rollover, so you can be sure you’ll always get your money’s worth when it comes to data – no matter how much is left over at the end of each month.

You can also enable usage capping so you’ll never end up with a shockingly expensive bill if you go over your limit.

At £10 a month for iD Mobile offers one of the cheapest 5GB data deals around – giving you great flexibility without any extra cost.

For an extra £2 a month you can bump that data up to 6GB a month too.


1000 minutes may be enough for most people, but some especially social customers might find this cap a painful limitation.

Yearly cost: £120 (5GB) £144 (6GB)

    Virgin: £12 a month, 8GB data

    Best Value SIM Only Deals under £13/month 2

    Network: EE
    Calls: 1500 minutes
    Texts: Unlimited messages
    Data: 8GB
    Contract length: 12 months


    Data rollover is included helping you make the most of every byte of data that you’re paying for.

    Virgin Mobile provide zero-rated data for Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and Twitter, so you can keep up with your social networks with no cost to your data allowance.

    8GB of data for £12 a month is generous and with careful WiFi use you might be surprised how far 8GB can get you.


    If you can’t stomach a 12 month contract then you’ll have to look elsewhere. Just one point: how often do you want to check prices and switch? If it’s less than once every few months, a 12 month deal might still work for you.

    Yearly cost: £144 (8GB)

      Three: £10 a month, 4GB

      Best Value SIM Only Deals under £13/month 5

      Network: Three
      Calls: Unlimited minutes
      Texts: Unlimited messages
      Data: 4GB
      Contract length: 12 months


      Tethering is included, letting you spread your 4GB across multiple devices.

      Three provides the best zero-rated data deal in the UK, with unlimited use of streaming services for both video and music, including Netflix, TV Player, Deezer, Soundcloud and more.


      If you’re not going to get a lot of use out of the zero-rated video and audio streaming stuff, you could be getting better value elsewhere.

      This is the Essentials rather than the Advanced plan so you can’t do tethering with this deal.

      Yearly cost: £120 (4GB)

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