Best SIM Only Deals for Video Streaming

Our pick of the best deals to keep YouTube, Snapchat and Instagram addicts smiling

These data-heavy SIM Only deals are hand-picked to ensure you never run out of data before the month is out.

With blazing fast 4G connections, you could be downloading and livestreaming to your heart's content!

  • GiffGaff_1_UL-UL-80GBAO_960F1A
    GiffGaff sim card
    Contract 30 days (rolling)
    Mins UL unlimited
    Texts UL unlimited
    Data 100GB /month
    • 'Always On' : use data at 384kbps if 80GB runs out
    • Free Calls and Texts to GiffGaff numbers
    • Award Winning Provider
    GiffGaff Standard/Micro/Nano SIM
    • Internationalno information
    • Wifi Hotspotsno information
    • 6GB Tether Data Use your Allowance for tethering
    • Roaming CostsEU Roam Like Home