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Last 24 hours: £90 gift card with BT SIM Only

Last 24 hours: £40, £70, £90 gift card with BT SIM Only

Thursday, 14 September, 2017

There’s only 24 hours left on a deal to get a top of the line BT SIM Only deal with the added bonus of a gift card worth up to £90.

It’s the most generous SIM Only reward we’ve got.

On a £25 a month deal with 20GB of data, unlimited minutes and unlimited texts you get the top-level £90 gift card, which represents a whopping 30% discount on the £300 cost of a 12 month deal.

    There are also £20, £40 and £70 gift cards on offer for BT’s three cheaper SIM Only deals.

    Each is a 12 month contract, so you don’t get the special flexibility of a one month deal you can swap in and out of, but with these bonuses who cares?

    Each makes up healthy discount of around 25% on the cost of the 12 month deal and puts BT’s SIMs in the same ballpark as cheaper Plusnet or Virgin SIM deals.

    12GB data, unlimited calls and texts comes in at £21 a month with a £70 gift card. Drop down to 3GB of data with the same calls and texts and you’ll pay £13 a month with a £40 gift card.

    BT’s cheapest SIM Only deal bags you a £20 gift card, paying £10 a month. This last one is a little less generous with the minutes (400) and you only get 500MB of data to play with every month, so if you ever use the internet on your phone you’ll have to lean hard on WiFi when you can.

      Call signal and 4G

      BT Mobile uses EE’s 3G and 4G network for voice and data. Since EE is the UK’s biggest mobile network you’re more likely to get better coverage with BT than any other provider.

      BT 4G isn’t *quite* as fast as EE, but it still packs a punch. You’ll get superfast download speeds of 30Mbps, which is quicker than most home broadband.

      And if you’re keeping your phone and swapping out an old EE SIM then a move to BT will keep your signal the same and be the smoothest transition of all.

      Check if you’ve got EE 4G coverage with Ofcom’s Mobile and Broadband app on our sister site

      This deal ends at midnight on 14 September 2017.

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