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£35/£65/£100 Amazon or iTunes gift card with BT SIM

£35/£65/£100 Amazon or iTunes gift card with BT SIM

Monday, 6 November, 2017

There’s a good offer on with all BT SIM Only deals at the moment, and in plenty of time to splash out on presents for Christmas.

You can claim an Amazon or iTunes gift card if you buy from now until Thursday 9 November 2017.

Depending on how much data you choose for your BT Mobile plan, you can get a gift card worth £35, £55 or even £100. Just hit Get Deal when you’ve chosen the right deal for you, then follow the instructions below to claim.

    How to claim your Amazon or iTunes gift card

    1. Hit the red ‘Get Deal’ button below to order through the BT website. The gift card won’t be available if you don’t order through the BT website.
    2. It will be available to redeem 14 days after you’ve placed your deal.
    3. Go to and fill in the answers. It only takes around 30 seconds to do this.
    4. Your SIM must be activated and working before you can claim your gift card.
    5. BT will then post your Amazon or iTunes gift card within 45 days. BT promise to text you to let you know that your gift card is on its way.

    30 day money back offer

    This is available only to new BT Mobile and Family SIM customers, and existing BT Mobile customers adding an extra SIM.

    If you’re not happy with BT Mobile for any reason you can get out of your contract for free in the first 30 days after placing your order.

    Call 0800 800 150 and ask BT to refund your first monthly charge and to cancel your contract.

    You will get your refund on your next bill date.

    BT have to confirm when your contract is cancelled and they are not allowed to charge you a fee.

    You will have to pay if you’ve used any calls or data outside your allowance, so keep an eye on that if you’re not sure.

    This deal closes on Thursday 9 November 2017.

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